President Ahmed Islam received Somalia’s Inter-State Football Champions in Kismayo.


Thousands of the Kismayo residents filled up the airport early today to receive the winners of the inter-state football tournament that was recently held in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. President Ahmed Islam and other high profile persons in the Jubaland administration lead the line for them.

Three days earlier, the Jubaland football team won the Inter-State championship trophy at Banadir stadium in Mogadishu. Last night, the Mogadishu mayor hosted the team for a farewell party in the Somali capital. The Mogadishu mayor’s event was preceded by another event in which the country’s prime minister graced, a night after the Jubaland team downed Puntland 1-0 in the final match.

President Ahmed Islam praised the football team for their courage and confidence after receiving them at Kismayo. Hundreds of joyful football fans cheered the players and other delegates as they set foot at Kismayo.

“History repeats itself. Kismayo is known for its history of winning this championship. it is our first time since our country obtained federalism, we are hopeful of winning the cups 8 more times (to equal the name Jubbaland with the trophies wone).” Jubaland President Ahmed Islam said in his remarks

The administration is set to hold a welcome home party for the players and the officials.
During the last few days, the championship trophy, the Jubaland football team and the Somali’s football remained the talk of the days and for many, the wait for the player to arrive was long.