Regional leaders bemoan Government’s emerging partiality in the Gulf crises.


Ending a three-day long meeting in Baidoa, Somalia’s Council of Interstate Cooperation (CIC) released a press statement.
The council in their statement first welcomed the National Security Architecture saying the plan is structured to help the National Army take over the country’s security task before expressing their discontention with the progress made in its implementation.

The council called for a cease-fire in the Tukaraq clashes, urging leaders to opt for a peaceful dialogue.

The state leaders blamed the federal government for failing to honor pledges made over the full support of the regional troops.

The Jubaland state of Somalia’s decision to shun attending the national constitutional convention meeting in Mogadishu was also upheld with the statment indicating reasons given by the state as valid
Leaders expressed their frustration over the federal government’s emerging partiality in the Gulf crises despite its initial stand to remain neutral.
The statement in Baidoa meeting also called for humanitarian assistance for the victims of flash and riverain floods who live along the Jubba and Shabelle rivers in Somalia.

Full Statement in Somali:


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