SNA Troops Kill 10 in a Foiled Al-Shabaab Attack.


At least ten Al-Shabaab Militants were killed on Tuesday morning when the terrorist group launched an offensive at a military base in Bardhere.
The pre-dawn attack that resulted in heavy casualty happened at an Army barrack manned by the Somali forces near the town’s bridge.
SNA commander in Bardere Sheik Abdi Korah told Jubaland TV that the army killed several militants, repulsing the attack.
“They launched an attack on our base before the dawn broke. We were always alert and easily repulsed the attack. We killed 10 and captured one militant fighter.”
Residents described the terrorist attack as the heaviest since a joint Amisom and Somali forces pushed the Alqaida affiliated group out of the town three years ago.
“We are going to raid on their hideouts, the fight will continue,” Korah added.
The Somali government soldiers lost two in the fight.
Jubaland authorities said plans to clear Al-Shabaab out of the areas in the region they currently control is underway.


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