Galmudug State President Calls for Cooperation with Puntland on Security Issues


Galmudug state president Ahmed Dualle Gelle Haaf has called for a strengthening of the relationship between his state and the Puntland state of Somalia and strengthening of the cooperation between the two states on issues of security.

Mr. Haaf expressed hope that the new state president would keep up the working relationship between the two states and his reiterated his willingness to expand these collaboration efforts even further.

These remarks were made during Mr. Haaf’s speech at the swearing in ceremony for the new Puntland state president held in Garoowe yesterday.

Haaf also congratulated the people of Puntland and their government on the stability and development they have achieved in their sate expressing his amazement at how much change he has seen in Garoowe, the state capital, during this visit.


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