Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) officially disarmed


Fighters from the Ogaden national Liberation Front have officially disarmed and agreed to integrate into the Somali State regional security structure.

Reports from the state claim that the ONLF leadership had handed over 1,740 combatants over to the state’s leadership and has pledged to work closely with the security apparatus to ensure the state’s security was guaranteed.

The ceremony was attended by the regional government officials, ONLF leaders and elders in the region.

The fighters who had been based in Eritrea returned to the country two months ago after the country’s new prime minister Abiye Ahmed called on all armed factions to come to the table for negotiations to end the country’s long-standing conflicts.

The ONLF struggle for the liberation of the Somali state from Ethiopian control was the longest armed struggle for independence in Africa before an agreement to cease hostilities was reached late last year.

This move paved the way for the current disarmament which some of the movement’s supporters have termed as a tactical miscalculation and that this move had easily given up one of the organization’s biggest bargain chip which it could use to leverage the government to push its demands at the negotiating table.


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