Somali Refugees in Sudan Return to the Country


The head advisor to the Somali embassy in Sudan and the current acting ambassador to the country last night saw off a group of Somali refugees returning to the country at the Khartoum International Airport.

The ambassador encouraged the refugees and thanked them for their decision to return to their country. He termed this decision as a vote of confidence for the country and the security situation at home.

“After four months of spending every bit of effort to make your return to the country a success, the results have materialized and your patriotic dream has come true.”

This group of returnees consisted of 78 people who have been living in refugee camps in Eritrea and Sudan and most of them are young children who were born in those camps.

Excitement could be seen of the faces of these people as they boarded the plane taking them to Mogadishu. Some of the returnees who spoke to members of the press thanked the government of Somalia for its efforts in helping them and their efforts in returning.


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