Jubbaland Vice President Meets AMISOM Command in Gedo


Jubaland Vice President Mohamud Sayid Aadan yesterday met officials of AMISOM forces operating in the Gedo region in Elwak town.

The meeting’s main agendum was to discuss the security situation in the parts of the state where the AMISOM forces and especially the Kenyan Defence Forces are conducting military operations.

The vice president briefed the army officials present on the best practices in maintaining peace in the regions which are already in the hands of the AMISOM mission and the Jubbaland forces and how best to cooperate with the Jubaaland forces in liberating the towns still under Al Shabaab occupation.

The AMISOM command in Gedo in turn promised the vice president that they would play their role in the discussed issues and spare no effort in fighting Al Shabaab.


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