Kenya Announces Closure of Dadaab Refugee Camps


The Kenyan government has announced that it will close the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya after increased attacks in Kenya which have been claimed by the Al-Shabaab militia.

Kenyan security agencies said the move came after it was found that the attackers that perpetrated the attack on Nairobi’s Dusit 2 Hotel in Kenya a few weeks ago had entered the country via the Dadaab refugee camps.

The agencies also said that forged documents which were used by Al-Shabaab militants to enter the country were made in the refugee camps and that this threatened the country’s security.

A high court ruling in Kenya 2017 in ruling upheld the previous government’s decision to close the Dadaab refugee complex.

The Dadaab camps host many Somali refugees, some of whom have returned to their country, while thousands of families still live there.


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