Puntland forces capture Youth Travelling to join the ISIS


Puntland security forces conducted operations in the mountainous areas of Bari region and told reporters that they had captured a group of men planning to join the ISIS militant group.

A statement released by the military said that the operation was carried out in the Gaaca, Guban and Moqorse towns along the mountains of Ali Miskaat.

“The forces launched the operation on February 11, 2019 in Guban and Moqor districts to the Southeast of Bossaso, during which PSF forces arrested youth who were on their way to joining the terrorist organization in the mountains of ​​Cal Miskaat and a cache of ammunition they were taking to these terrorist organization.” Read part of the PSF command statement.

Puntland forces have been conducting operations in Bossaso and the suburbs surrounding it in the last few months to ensure the security situation in the region was stabilized.


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