Hamas Israel Reach Agreement to Reduce Tensions in Gaza


Hamas is reporting that a deal has been reached with Israel to reduce tension in the Gaza Strip. This comes as Palestinians prepare to mark the one-year anniversary of the weekly Great return March protests along the Israeli border.

Gaza’s fence with Israel has for the past year been the scene of mass protests and major bloodshed in which more than 260 Palestinians were killed by Israeli sniper fire and nearly 7,000 shot and wounded, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

But on the eve of the anniversary of the so-call Great March of Return protests, the organising committee issued instructions to the demonstrators saying, “Stay back from Israeli guns, follow commands of organisers on the ground, make no aggressive actions, and don’t burn tyres.”

But early this morning, Saturday, the health ministry in Gaza said that 21-year-old Mohammed Saad was shot dead by Israeli forces near the perimeter fence with Israel, hours before the mass protest was expected to start.

For months, and through repeated military escalations, Egyptian mediators have been trying to broker an agreement.


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